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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Special Double Issue of Radical Philosophy Review on Herbert Marcuse

Special Double Issue

Radical Philosophy Review, Volume 16, Number 1 (2013)
Radical Philosophy Review, Volume 16, Number 2 (2013)
Andrew T. Lamas, General Editor and Coeditor
Arnold L. Farr, Douglas Kellner, and Charles Reitz, Coeditors
Caroline Cohn, Associate Editor

Includes Russell Rockwell Marcuse's Hegelian Marxism, Marx's Grundrisse, Hegel's Dialectic

See also announcement of draft manuscript of Marcuse's One-Dimensional Man discovered in the Goldfarb library at Brandeis University

Monday, October 14, 2013

2013 International Herbert Marcuse Society Conference: Russell Rockwell on Marcuse's and Fromm's Marxism

Friday, November 8, University of Kentucky, Lexington

2:15pm-3:45pm Session 3: Concurrent 

Student Center, Room 249

Panel 8: Marcuse, Marx, and Marxisms

Fred Mecklenburg Marx’s Marxism: A New Attitude to Objectivity

David M. Peña-Guzman The Marxism-Heideggerianism Tension: A Philosophical Disjunction

Karla Encalada Falconi Marx and Lacan: The Comparison of the Impossible

Russell Rockwell Marcuse’s and Fromm’s Marxism: Their Trajectories, Intersections, and Social Relevance